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ChalkdustCalypso originated in the Caribbean, Trinidad in the erly 1900's. People listened to the music in many different countries from different continenets by the 1500's. It is sometimes call a poetic language, of social observations and lively rhythms of calypso.

Fans heard calypso in nightclubs, concert halls and movie theaters. They listened to calypso on the radio and on television. Calypso became one of the most popular types of music of the mid-twentieth century!

Notable calypsonians include Aldwyn Roberts "Lord Kitchener", Dr. Slinger Francisco "Mighty Sparrow", Rafael De Leon "Roaring Lion", Fitzroy Alexander "Lord Melody", and Neville Marcano "Growling Tiger" to name a few...

Lord Kitchener was known as the "Grandmaster" of calypso.