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Chutney’s fast rising star pushes positive vibesTIDCO, gives this definition: Chutney is an up-tempo, rhythmic song, accompanied by the dholak, the harmonium and the dhantal. Originally, chutney songs made reference to deities and were offensive to religious leaders.

Chutney-Soca music is a crossover style of music incorporating Soca elements and Hindi-English lyrics, Chutney music, with Indian instruments like the dholak and dhantal. Chutney is a melody & soca is a beat.

Notable chutney performers include Rikki Jai, Sundar Popo, Drupatee Ramgoonai, and Ravi B to name a few.

Soca Chutney artist would be Kenneth Salick 2009 Soca Chutney Monarch Winner with Radica.