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Jah CurePromoters upset Jah Cure

On the night of April 11, Abrian Promotions presented Journey the concert, featuring Jamaican reggae superstars Jah Cure and Richie Spice. Held at King George V Park in Woodbrook thousands came to witness the dynamic duo. The show started around 11.30 pm with local reggae singer, Jah Melody who was warmly received by the audience. Showing before, that he is a force to be reckoned with, Jah Melody opened the show and his set by saying that promoters don’t show any respect for the local artistes. “No live band for me?” he asked. “I have used the bands of Luciano in other countries, but (in Trinidad) no band for me.” Earlier that day, Marlon Asher, King David and Jah Melody, who were advertised to be on the show, disclosed that they were frantically calling the promoters of the fete to ensure that they were still on the billing.

Sources claim they were promised their appearance fees before they performed but received answering machines in their attempt to reach the promoters and, up till the day of the show, were not given any fees. Sources add that a meeting was called on the morning of the show between the artistes and the promoters of the concert, and it alleged that the reggae artistes were asked to sing for $1,500 instead of a previously agreed fee of $9,000. Asher and King David pulled out of the concert. After his performance I asked Jah Melody if he was paid for the gig and, hesitating for a moment, he said: “Well sort of.”
Jah Melody is supposed go on a European tour with Asher in May. Richie Spice followed Jah Melody’s performance and gave another scintillating showing. The artiste sang popular hits like Youths Dem Cold, Brown Skin and Gideon Boot, in his usual mono-facial expression.

Without any break between performances, headline artiste Jah Cure was immediately introduced on stage after Richie Spice’s performance. With thunderous applause from patrons, it seemed that Jah Cure didn’t even have to sing. Just being on stage he was soaked with adulation from adoring fans. The crowd sang just about every song he presented. The women went wild, screaming and stretching their hands over the barricades every time he stood still to wine.

SOURCE - The Trinidad Guardian