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Gypsy makes music as Kaiso House opensKaiso is a type of music popular in Trinidad, which originated in West Africa, and later evolved into Calypso. Kaiso songs are generally narrative in form and often have a cleverly concealed political subtext. The term kaiso is said to derive from a Hausa word used as an exclamation of approval, such as "Bravo!" [1] The word is often used synonymously with calypso today, but often with the connotation that the former is more authentic, showing a pproval consistent with its original meaning.

Notable Kaiso performers include Chalkdust, Black Stalin, Cro Cro, Calyspo Rose, Explainer, Singing Sandra, Shadow, Brigo, Terror, Crazy and Scrunter to name a few.

Hollis Urban Lester Liverpool aka Mighty Chalkdust at the 2001 Dimanche Gras Calypso Monarch finals.