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Parang comes from the Spanish word know as "parranda" ). In Trinidad it refers to folkloric music of Hispanic American origins. In Dominican Republic the music is called "arguinaldo". Parang's origin are controversial. First theory of parang music originted during Christianity of Amerindians by French Clergy Indians in Missions. Definitely, the close interactions with Venezuelans where parang is also played has matured to a popular form of music not only in Trinidad & Tobago but throughout the Caribbean.

Here are a few name of bands, A La Rio Suave, Amantes de Parranda (Barataria), Amores de Musica, # Los Buenos Paranderos (El Dorado), Los Caballeros, and Los Caneros.

A clip of parang by the Paraminos Parang Group, performed at the Paramin Parang Festival 2006