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Stellpan playerSteelpans (also known as steeldrums or pans, and collectively with musicians as a steelband) is a musical instrument and a form of music originating from Trinidad. Steelpan musicians are called pannists. In order to emit that orchestral sound, every group of pans needs to have a certain range - just like the instruments in a traditional orchestra. The difference is that instead of having different instruments contribute to the range of sounds, the pan is flexible enough to do it all.

High Tenor D4 - G6, Lower Tenor C4 - E6
Double Tenor F3 - Bb5, Double Second F#3 - C#6
Double Guitar C#3 - G#4, Triple Cello B2 - Bb4
Four Cello Bb2 - C#5, Quadraphonic B2 - Bb-5
Tenor Bass F2 - C4, Six Bass A1 - D3, Nine Bass G1 - C4